Name Year Degree  Title Faculty Mentor
Raymond Leslie McKenzie 1970 PhD Studies on the Interaction of Polylysins with Deoxyribonucleic Acid  Irvin Isenberg
Charles Ernest Dreiling 1970 PhD TRIAP (1, 1, 3-Tricyano-2-Amino-1-Propene): A Stumulator of Enzyme Synthesis in Myelinating Chick Embryo Sciatic Nerves Robert W. Newburgh 
Martin Michael Anderson 1970 PhD Deoxyribose-Phosphate Aldolase and the Biosynthesis of DNA in the Chick Embryo Robert W. Newburgh 
William Carl Thompson  1970 PhD The Effects of Actinomycin D on the Primary and Secondary Immune Responses Induced In-Vitro  Robert W. Newburgh 
Ann D. Kiessling  1971 PhD Nucleic Acid Polymerases Associated with Neoplasms George S. Beaudreau
Karen Illman Miller 1971 MS Respiratory Mechanisms and Oxygen Transport by the Blood of the Burrowing Ghost Shrimp callianassa californiensis (decapoda, thalassinidea) NA
Gerald Springer Adams 1971 PhD Isoprenoids of Bovine Aorta: Isolation, Purification, and Biosynthesis  Wilbert Gamble 
Albert Morrie Craig 1971 PhD Intercalation of Hydrocarbons in Polynucleotides  Irvin Isenberg
Wilbur Allen Engle  1971 PhD Partial Purification and Characterization of an Ls-NADP: Isocitrate Oxidoreductase from Embryonic Chick Liver NA
Arnold Epstein  1971 PhD Kinetics of Synthesis and Degradation of Chicken Liver Xanthine Dehydrogenase Robert W. Newburgh 
Terrence Robert Green 1971 PhD Changes in Enzyme Activities of the Isoprenoid Pathway in Germinating Pisum sativum  Derek J. Baisted
Lye W. Hayessph 1971 PhD Fatty Acids in the Eggs and Sac Fry of Steelhead Trout (Salmo Gairdneri): A Developmental Study  NA
Fung-Jou Lu 1972 MS The Effect of Coenzyme on the Bis(1-anilino-B-naphthalenesulfonate) Induced Association of Lactic Dehydrogenase  NA
Helen R. Dickinson  1972 PhD Vacuum Ultraviolet Absorption Studies of Model Sugar Compounds  W. Curtis Johnson 
Teresa Wai-Lan Chan 1973 MS The Effect of DDT on Infectivity of RNA Tumor Viruses George S. Beaudreau
Allen Jay Gandolfi 1973 PhD Hexachlorophene: Its Absoption, Distribution, Excretion, and Biotransformation in the Rat and Rabbit and In-Vitro Interaction D. R. Buhler 
Donald Elllis Carpenter  1973 PhD Subunit Structure of Cancer magister Hemocyanin Ken Van Holde
Herbert M. Wehr  1973 PhD Reactions of Protein with Phenols and Quinones Evaluation of Amino Acid Modification and Protein Digestibility  Walter D. Loomis
Richard Randall Wickett 1973 PhD Conformational Changes in Histone IV as Induced by Salts and Nucleoside Triphosphates  Irvin Isenberg
John Huntington Leete 1974 PhD The Influence of Monovalent Cations on Tryptophanase and Pyruvate Kinase as Studied by Fluorescence, Circular Dichroism, and Kinetic Methods   Robert R. Becker/Harold J. Evans
Daniel Wesley Israel  1974 PhD Purification and some Properties of Nitrogenase from Soybean Root Nodules  Harold J. Evans
Larry L. Strand  1974 PhD Characterization of Two Endopolygalacturonase Isozymes Produced by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. Iycopersici D. L. MacDonald
Edward Elmo Albin  1974 PhD Cyclic Nucelotides, Cyclic Nucleotide Phosphodiesterase, Protein Kinase, and Phosphoprotein Phosophatase in the Central Nervous System of Manduca Sexta Robert W. Newburgh 
George David Rose 1975 PhD Calculations Relating to the Structure of Bioplymers  Ken Van Holde
Karl Theodor von der Trenck 1975 MS Mercury and Cadmium Binding Proteins in Marine Mammal Tissues D. R. Buhler 
Michael John Smerdon 1976 PhD Physical Properties of Calf Thymus H1 Histones: Conformational Changes and Interactions with Two Nonhistone Chromosomal Proteins Irvin Isenberg
Fumio Arisaka 1977 PhD Allostericf Properties and the Association Equilibria of Hemocyanin from Calianassa californiensis Ken Van Holde
Duncan Paul Taylor  1977 PhD Neurotransmitters, Cyclic Nucleotides, and Adenyl Cyclase in the Central Nervous System of Manduca Sexta Robert W. Newburgh 
Jun-Lan Wang  1977 PhD The Effect of Hexachlorophene and Related Compounds on Torula Yeast Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase and some other Dehydrogenase Enzymes D. R. Buhler 
Roger T. Kovacic 1977 PhD Hydrodynamic Properties of Homogeneous Double-Stranded DNA Ken Van Holde
John Jeffery Standholm 1977 PhD Pyruvate Kinase Isozymes in Beef and Chicken  Janet M. Cardenas 
James Kenneth Walker Mardian 1978 PhD Physical Studies of the Yeast Inner Histones  Irvin Isenberg
Kelly George Tatchell 1978 PhD Physical Structure and Reconstitution of Chromatin Core Particles  Ken Van Holde
Richard Leroy Bowman 1978 PhD Interpreting the Circular Dichromism of Cyclic Dimers of Amino Acids  W. Curtis Johnson 
Sylvester G. Spencer  1978 PhD Lactate Dehydrogenase from Hexanchus Criseus Isolation and Characterization  Sonia R. Anderson 
Jeffry Lynn Corden  1979 PhD Nucleoprotein Structure of Adenovirus Ken Van Holde/G.D. Pearson
Victoria P. Dzogbefia 1979 PhD Polychlorinated Biphenyls and Related Metabolites: Mode of Action on Phospholipids and Glyceride Biosynthesis  Wilbert Gamble 
Frank Berry Simpson  1979 MS Hydrogen-Stimulated CO2 Fixation and Coordinate Derepression of Hydrogenase and Ribulosebisphosphate Carboxylase in a H2-uptake Positive Strain of Rhizobium japonicum Harold J. Evans
Colleen McLean Bowen 1979 PhD A Role for Sterols as Modulators of Membrane Fludity L. Parks
Michael Maurice Engelgau 1979 MS Ti Plasmid Coded Protein in Agrobacterium Dumetaciens Robert R. Becker
Ruey Shyan Liou 1979 PhD Binding Studies of Rabbit Muscle Phosphofructokinase: Binding of ATP and of 1, N5-Ethenoadenosine-Triphosphate to Phosphofructokinase and Binding and Activation of Phosphofructokinase by F-Actin Sonia R. Anderson