Name Year Degree Type Title Faculty Mentor
Hui Nian 2010 PhD Dietary Organosulfur and Organoselenium Compounds as HDAC Inhibitors  Roderick H. Dashwood 
Andrea Reneé Hall 2010 PhD The Biophysical Analyses of Peroxiredoxins and a Partner Reductase Andrew Karplus 
Justin Daniel Hall 2010 phD Biophysical Basis of Macromolecular Assembly in the Dynein Cargo Attachment Complex Elisar Barbar 
Sangeet Kumar Lal 2010 PhD Calpain 2 Proteolysis Regulates Glioblastoma Cell Invasion  Julie Greenwood
Jeffrey S. Monette 2011 PhD A Role for the Ceramide Accumulation in Age-Related Cardiac Mitochondrial Dysfunction  Tory M. Hagen
Richard B. Cooley 2011 PhD Functional, Structural and Evolutionary Analyses of the Ferritin-Like Superfamily of Proteins Daniel J. Arp
Brian Sinnott 2011 MS Antimicrobial peptide regualtion by Small Molecules in humans and other Primates  Adrian F. Gombart 
Timothy W. Rhoads 2012 PhD Measuring Protein Metal Binding via Mass Spectometry: Copper, Zinc Superoxide Dismutase and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Joseph Beckman
Chunxiao Guo 2013 PhD Transcriptional Regualtion of the Human Cathelicidin Antimicrobial Peptide Gene John B. Hays
Anantnoor Brar 2013 HONORS BS Dissecting DNA Damage Responses in Arabidopsis a High-Throughput Sequencing Approach  Tory M. Hagen 
Luis A. Gomez 2013 PhD Mitochondrial Decay in Aging Rat Heart: Changes in Fatty Acid-Supported Bioenergetics and Macromolecualr Organization of the Electron Transport System  Tory M. Hagen 
Yan Campbell 2014 PhD The Effect of Dietary Compounds on Human Cathelicidin Antimicrobial Peptide Gene Expression Mediated through Farnesoid X Receptor and its Potential Role in Gastrointestinal Health  Adrian F. Gombart 
Camden McCullough Driggers 2014 PhD SSUE and Cysteine Dioxygenase  Adrian F. Gombart 
Eric Jonathon Smitth  2014 PhD Age-related Loss of Nrt2, A Novel Mechanism for the Potential Attenuation of Xenobiotic Detoxification Capacity  Tory M. Hagen
Jun Ding 2014 PhD In Vivo Detoxification of Acetic Acid in Saccharomyces cerevisae Alan T. Balkalinsky
Murugesh Narayanappa  2014 MS

Characterizing the Functional Properties of Otoferlin, Essential for Neurotransmission in Inner Hair Cells of the Cochlea

Colin Johnson
Arden Perkins 2015 PhD Model Systems for Structural Investigations into Peroxierdoxin Catalysis, Conformation Change, and Inactivation  P. Andrew Karplus 
Jessica Lee Morgan 2015 PhD Characterization of the Structure and Dynamics of the Intrinsically Disordered Dynein Intermediate Chain and its Interactions with Regulatory Binding Partners P. Andrew Karplus 
Sara Jone Codding 2016 PhD Functional and Structural Analyses of Three Distinct Proteins by Biochemical and Biophysical Techniques  Elisar Barbar 
Chuan Li 2016 PhD Underlying Mechanisms of the Anti-inflammatory and Antiaxidant Effects of Quercetin in Human Aortic Endothelial Cells: Implications for Vascular Inflammation and Atherosclerosis Balz B. Frei
Murugesh Narayanappa  2016 PhD

Characterizing the Functional Properties of Otoferlin, Essential for Neurotransmission in Inner Hair Cells of the Cochlea

Colin Johnson
Paroma Chatterjee 2016 PhD Establishing Larval Zebrafish as an In Vivo Model Organism for Characterizing the Roles of Otoferlin, a Sensory Hair Cell Protein Essential for Hearing Colin Johnson
Jing Jie 2016 PhD Protein Disorder in the Evolution of Dynein Regulation Elisar Barbar 
Chelsea Holman 2017 PhD

Initial in vitro and in vivo Characterization of the Membrane Trafficking Protein Fer1L6.

Colin Johnson
Sara Jone Codding 2017 PhD Functional and Structural Analyses of Three Distinct Proteins by Biochemical and Biophysical Techniques  Elisar Barbar
Nicole Hams 2017 PhD Single-molecule in vitro Characterization of Otoferlin Colin Johnson
Andrew Brereton 2017 PhD Exploring Protein Structure: Seeing the Forest and the Trees Andrew Karplus 
Nick Thomas 2017 PhD

Age-related Decrease in Resilience Against Acute Redox Cycling Agents: Critical Role of Declining GSH-dependent Detoxification Capacity

Tory Hagen
Steve Friedman  2017 PhD Building a Bridge from Chromosomes to Microtubules in Neurospora crassa Michael Freitag
Pam Beilby  2017 PhD

Oxidative Stress in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: The Role of Cellular Senescence and Glutathione

Joe Beckman 
Sarah Clark 2018 PhD Three Sites are Better than One: Exploring Multivalency in LC8 Binding Partners Elisar Barbar 
Andrew Popchock 2018 PhD Mechanisms and Regulation of the Mitotic Kinesin-14 KlpA Weihong Qui
Kelsey Kean 2018 PhD Structural Insights into Novel Sugar Phosphate Cyclases and Flavoenzymes. Andrew Karplus
Joey Porter 2018 PhD Defining the Role of Tyrosine Nitration in Biology with Genetic Code Expansion Ryan Mehl
Bharath Sunchu 2018 PhD Long-lived species are more resistant to polyQ82 toxicity than short-lived species: Role of robust protein quality control mechanisms and aggresome-like inclusions Viviana Perez
John Gamble 2018 PhD Analysis of Cancer Progression by Establishing Quantitative Assessments of Zebrafish Xenografts Julie Greenwood
Robert Blizzard 2019 PhD In vivo Reactions of Tetrazines Incorporated through Genetic Code Expansion Ryan Mehl
Daniel Breysse 2019 MS Identifying the Enzymes Responsible for Reduction of Doxorubicin to its Cardiotoxic Metabolite Doxorubicinol using a Novel Immunoclearing Approach Gary F. Merrill
Nathan Jespersen  2019 PhD Viral Targeting of Host Hubs: Interactions between the Rabies Virus and LC8 Elisar Barbar