2012 Biochemistry & Biophysics Faculty Publications

Ahern, Kevin

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Baird, William

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Barbar, Elisar

Nyarko A, Song Y, Nováček J, Žídek L, Barbar E. (2012) Multiple recognition motifs in nucleoporin Nup159 provide a stable and rigid Nup159-Dyn2 assembly.  J Biol Chem. 288(4):2614-22.

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Beckman, Joseph

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Frei, Balz

Dixon BM, Barker T, McKinnon T, Cuomo J, Frei B, Borregaard N, Gombart AF.  (2012) Positive correlation between circulating cathelicidin antimicrobial peptide (hCAP18/LL-37) and 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels in healthy adults.  BMC Res Notes.  24;5:575.

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Finlay LA, Michels AJ, Butler JA, Smith EJ, Monette JS, Moreau RF, Petersen SK, Frei B, Hagen TM.  (2012) R-α-lipoic acid does not reverse hepatic inflammation of aging, but lowers lipid anabolism, while accentuating circadian rhythm transcript profiles.  Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol.  302(5):R587-97.

Freitag, Michael

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Gombart, Adrian F

Dixon BM, Barker T, McKinnon T, Cuomo J, Frei B, Borregaard N, Gombart AF.  (2012) Positive correlation between circulating cathelicidin antimicrobial peptide (hCAP18/LL-37) and 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels in healthy adults.  BMC Res Notes. 24;5:575.

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Greenwood, Juliet

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Hagen, Tory

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Gómez LA, Heath SH, Hagen TM.   (2012) Acetyl-L-carnitine supplementation reverses the age-related decline in carnitine palmitoyltransferase 1 (CPT1) activity in interfibrillar mitochondria without changing the L-carnitine content in the rat heart.  Mech Ageing Dev. 133(2-3):99-106.

Johnson, Colin

Golubovskaya VM, Figel S, Ho BT, Johnson CP, Yemma M, Huang G, Zheng M, Nyberg C, Magis A, Ostrov DA, Gelman IH, Cance WG.   (2012) A small molecule focal adhesion kinase (FAK) inhibitor, targeting Y397 site: 1-(2-hydroxyethyl)-3, 5, 7-triaza-1-azoniatricyclo [,7)]decane; bromide effectively inhibits FAK autophosphorylation activity and decreases cancer cell viability, clonogenicity and tumor growth in vivo.  Carcinogenesis.  33(5):1004-13.  Epub 2012 Mar 7.

Karplus, P. Andrew

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Mathews, Christopher

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Mehl, Ryan

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Zhang, Weijian

Wei H, Zhang WJ, McMillen TS, Leboeuf RC, Frei B.  (2012) Copper chelation by tetrathiomolybdate inhibits vascular inflammation and atherosclerotic lesion development in apolipoprotein E-deficient mice.  Atherosclerosis.  223(2):306-13.