BB’s Newest OMSI Science Communication Fellow

Congrats to PhD Candidate, Kayla Jara, for her completion of OMSI’s Science Communication Fellowship Program

OMSI Science Communication Fellows are STEM professionals or industry and academic researchers, including faculty, graduate students, technicians, or other individuals in science, engineering, health, or technology related positions. After participating in specialized training, Fellows are certified by OMSI as current science ambassadors and skilled communicators. Fellows join a community of STEM professionals passionate about helping public audiences engage with STEM in meaningful and relevant ways.


Kayla’s activity “Building Proteins” invites folks to create ‘protein complexes’ out of common craft supplies as they learn about what it means to be a protein and how certain proteins use their specific structure, or lack there of, to carry out important functions!  In her display she highlights proteins and protein complexes she works on in the Barbar Lab such as Cyrstallin, LC8, ASCIZ, and Dynein!


Come see Kayla’s display and activity at OMSI’s next Meet a Scientist Event, February 5th.


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