First year courses to be taken by all students:





Biophysics 1 (3)


Biophysics 2 (3)


Biophysics 2 (3)


Biochemistry 1 (3)


Biochemistry 2 (3)


Biochemistry 3 (3)


Seminar (1)


Seminar (1)


Seminar (1)


Lab rotation research (5)#


Lab rotation research (5)


Lab rotation research (5)

#Credits for each class are shown in brackets. Select number of lab rotation research credits so that the total number of credits equals 16 (usually 9 credits)

Usually students do not have time to take elective classes during the first year as they will take core classes (successful completion of which will constitute part of their preliminary examination), do required lab rotations and teach, which will not allow time for additional classes.

For electives to be taken in Year 2 and Year 3, please see our course offerings online. After Year 1, instead of BB601, students will register for BB603 – Graduate Thesis.  When registering the total number of credits should equals 16 during Fall, Winter and Spring term. If the graduate student is on a stipend (as opposed to hourly pay) during the summer they should register for 9 credits of BB603 for the Summer term.

Every student from Year 1 to Year 4 signs up for BB 607, but watch out because there are three different choices in the online catalog, depending on your year:

-1st year: enroll in SEM/1st Year Grad seminar (Fall, Winter, Spring - required!);

-3rd year: enroll in SEM/Dept Res Sem (the term you give your 3rd year talk - required!)

-2nd and 4th year: Session labelled SEM/Journal Club (Fall and Winter – regardless of whether your are presenting or not).

For the Ph.D. program, 108 total credit hours are required, 36 credit hours of which must be non-blanket courses (i.e., non-research, non-seminar courses). For more information see the Graduate School program forms.

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