Research opportunities led Eugene native to Oregon State

Not many undergraduate students get to be listed as co-authors on research papers. But after more than three years doing research as an undergraduate, Honors biochemistry and biophysics senior Seth Harris Pinckney has co-authored two manuscripts, one of which is already published in a prestigious scientific journal. It shares early results on the SARS-CoV-2 virus from one of the few labs in the world that determines the structure of disordered proteins in viruses in a nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy facility.

‘Fearless’ biochemistry and molecular biology senior works at the cutting edge of cell evolution

No one who knows biochemistry and molecular biology senior Ilana Gottfried-Lee is surprised to hear that her greatest passion is synthetic biology, a new field of science that works to re-engineer life. Joining the biochemistry department in 2018, she first discovered biochemistry Professor Ryan Mehl’s research as she was combing through a list of undergraduate research opportunities. Since then, she has spent the past two years performing cutting-edge research under the guidance of Mehl and biochemistry and biophysics Research Assistant Professor Rick Cooley in the Unnatural Protein Facility. Her work has been published in the Journal of Molecular Biology and she has presented at conferences including the OHSU Chemical Biology and Physiology Conference. After graduating this spring, she plans to continue research in the Mehl/Cooley group for another year before applying to graduate schools."