Our faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students are passionate about “revealing how life works” by collaborating with others to host training workshops, conferences, and events for members of the international scientific community as well as Oregon teachers, students, and the general public.

We share our research, expertise, and enthusiasm through annual programs and events with:

Outreach Programs

Biochemistry Tiktok
Heather with other members from the Barbar lab have been creating some enviable attention on Tiktok. Check it out and follow along

Pretty Chemicals

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Biochemistry Blast for High School Students: Molecular Biology of Viral Disease
Make friends this summer and get a jump start on college! Explore the exciting field of biomedical science and receive a head start with college prep! In this new and exciting 2-week online program for high school students, you'll examine how viruses work and how the human body responds to infection.
Viral Intelligence: What Is Coronavirus?
Examine why antibiotics are used for bacterial infections and why they aren’t used for viruses and what it will take to develop a vaccine for COVID-19, as you join a professor of biochemistry and biophysics to take a scientific look at what a virus is.
STEM Academy STEM Academy summer camps for middle and high school students in Biochemistry and Creative Computing. The purpose of STEM Academy is to engage K-12 youth in programs designed to increase college attendance and participation in the STEM fields. (STEM includes the natural, physical and social Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, as single disciplines or in any combination, and extends to the integrative STEM disciplines forestry, agriculture, fisheries, (veterinary) medicine, and health sciences.)

Biochemistry Summer Camp

 Discovery Days Discovery Days is an outreach program involving many of the Science Departments at OSU as well as departments from Agriculture and Engineering.
Discovering the Scientist Within

Discovering the Scientist Within for middle school girls. The goal of the workshop is to introduce girls to STEM career fields in which women are traditionally under-represented; another is to change the stereotypical perception that scientists are male and that science is ‘difficult’.