The general time-frame in which BMB courses are taken by students in the major is as follows:

Major Core Courses

Introduction to BB Research (BB 111) (Freshman)

General Chemistry (CH 231/261, 232/262, 233/263) (Freshman)

Calculus (MTH 251, 252) (Freshman / Sophomore)

Introduction to Biology (BI 211, 212, 213) (Freshman/Sophomore)

*Cell and Molecular Biology (BI 314) (Sophomore/Junior)

Organic Chemistry (CH 334, 335, 336) (Sophomore)

Organic Chemistry Lab (CH 337) (Junior)

Quantitative Analysis Lab (CH 324) (Junior)

Physics (PH 201, 202, 203) (Sophomore / Junior)

Scientific Theory and Practice (BB 317) (Sophomore / Junior)

Statistics (ST 351) (Sophomore / Junior)

Advanced Molecular Genetics (BB 486) (Junior)

Biochemistry (BB 490, 491, 492) (Junior)

Molecular Biology Laboratory (BB 315) (Junior)

Molecular Biology Laboratory (BB 494, 498) (Senior)

Biophysics (BB 481) (Senior)


  1. Advanced Molecular Biology Option
  2. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Pre-medicine Option
  3. Computational Molecular Biology Option
Baccalaureate Core

English Composition (WR 121) (Freshman)

Communications (3 options) (Freshman)

Fitness (HHS 231 and 241 or 242 or 243) (Freshman)

All other Baccalaureate Core courses and courses for options in the major are taken as students complete prerequisites and as they have time in their schedules. Synthesis courses and other upper division courses should not be taken before sophomore year.

Electives may be taken to help focus a student's particular interest. Seniors can elect to take graduate courses numbered 500 and above with their advisor's approval.

You can print a PDF major checklist here.

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