Viral Intelligence: What Is Coronavirus? | The Great Courses Plus

Examine why antibiotics are used for bacterial infections and why they aren’t used for viruses and what it will take to develop a vaccine for COVID-19, as you join a professor of biochemistry and biophysics to take a scientific look at what a virus is.

Live Chat Online with The Great Courses

LIVE CHAT with Professor Kevin Ahern, expert in biochemistry and biophysics, joins us to discuss biology in our daily lives, why handwashing is essential, and more.

Protein Portraits at Oregon State University

The Oregon State University Honors College course that adds paint brushes and computer art to the appreciation of protein molecules and their assemblies. We build protein molecules as we imagine them, depicting them as reflections of not only experimental science but of our living experience in the world. This year we will take up the challenge of making art inspired by viruses. What could be more timely? Art has always been inspired by both the joy and the turmoil in the world. Just ask Goya about that.