New BB Grad Level Course: “Advanced Proteomics with a focus on Native Proteins”
New BB Grad Level Course: Advanced Proteomics with a focus on Native Proteins

New BB Grad Level Course:

Advanced Proteomics with a focus on Native Proteins

BB 651

Section 001, CRN 40326 (ten students max)


Winter 2022 TR 4pm-5:20pm in STAG 263 - Strand Agriculture Hall 263 (1/3 to 3/11)


See the message below from Dr. Joe Beckman:


“This winter, I will be teaching a special topics course on the analysis of proteins and other macromolecules by mass spectrometry.  We will have a number of guest lectures from experts from around the country and will teach you how to prepare samples, the basics of how to use a mass spectrometer, collect and process qualitative and quantitative data, and interpret the results. 


In my opinion, we still suffer from a blindness in biochemistry and biophysics that seriously limits the accuracy of our results and has created countless artifacts in our published results.  Our reliance on antibodies is one such technique that is not quantitative (no matter what controls you run) and fraught with unknowns.  But, mass spectrometry can illuminate these unknowns and can be quantitative over a range of up to 100,000. 


The field has exploded in its potential to analyze entire proteins and complexes of proteins as intact species in ways that were impossible even five years ago. 


We will discuss a powerful new method called ion mobility separation that works in combination with mass spectrometry.  Imaging running a size exclusion column in 30 milliseconds and identifying every molecule to the mass of a single neutron.


My colleagues and I started a company five years ago called e-MSion that has greatly advanced the fragmentation of entire proteins by mass spectrometry.  e-MSion is located near the HP campus on the other side of Corvallis.  We will hold some of the meetings at this site so you can see the instruments and even run a few samples that you will analyze using software we have been developing.  Few people using mass specs will have the opportunity to see inside the instruments like you will have access to explore and understand.


I will spend 2 lectures talking about the opportunities and challenges of starting a company.  We employ about 20 people now and have been very successful at winning SBIR (small business grants) from the NIH that bring more than a million dollars a year to the company.  We also are selling our technology globally to companies like Genentech, Novartis, Regeneron, Amgen, J&J, BMS, and many smaller biotech companies.  We also are collaborating with the leading mass spec labs around the world.”