Oregon State University STUDENT CHAPTER
of the Biophysical Society

Article I - Name

Section 1. This Chapter shall be known as the Oregon State University Student Chapter of the Biophysical Society.

Article II – Object

Section 1. Its object shall be to promote among its members continued professional growth in the areas of biophysics and to encourage professional responsibility that includes ethical, social, economic, and safety considerations. We are especially dedicated to outreach and informal science education; with a goal of making biophysics approachable and digestible for our community.

Article III - Conformity with the Biophysical Society

Section 1. The governance of this Chapter shall at all times conform to the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of the Biophysical Society.

Article IV – Membership

Section 1. Any person enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student studying biophysics or a related field at Oregon State University shall be eligible for membership. Meetings are open to all students, alumni, professionals, and others who care to attend.

Section 2. Membership shall continue as long as the member remains in good standing including payment of all dues owed both to the Chapter and Society.

Article V -Dues

Section 1. Annual Chapter dues of $ [TBD by the executive committee and members at our first meeting] shall be payable at the beginning of Administrative (academic) year. For those in extenuating circumstances dues may be sponsored by the chapter.

Section 2. A member in arrears one term shall lose voting privilege and, if in arrears semester, membership.

Section 3. The Chapter shall have the right to levy special assessments by a two-thirds vote of all present at any regular meeting.

Article VI - Officers

Section 1. The officers shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. If at any time an additional officer position is needed or wanted the chapter will vote to decide.

Section 2. Not less than two months prior to the start of each administrative year, the President shall appoint a Nominating Committee to select a slate of candidates.

Section 3. Officers shall be elected at a regular meeting of the Chapter not later than one month prior to the last regular meeting of each administrative year. The administrative year shall coincide with the academic year, commencing with the fall term. Each officer so elected shall personally thereupon accept election and pledge to assume the duties of the office.

Section 4. Vacancies occurring during an administrative year shall be filled at a called election at the next regular meeting.

Section 5. To be eligible for election, the nominee must be Member of the Biophysical Society and a member of the Chapter.

Section 6. Election shall be by a majority vote of the members and may take place electronically.

Section 7. At the time of each annual election, there shall be identified a Chapter Sponsor who is a current member of the Biophysical Society.

Article VII - Duties of the Officers

Section 1. The President shall preside at all Chapter and Chapter Executive Committee meetings, render the prescribed Chapter requirement of an Annual Report to BPS headquarters, and assume all executive duties not otherwise delegated by these Bylaws.

Section 2. The Vice-President shall preside during the absence or at the request of the President and shall automatically succeed to the Presidency in case of vacancy.

Section 3. The Secretary shall organize and maintain a shareable electronic record of all meetings of the Chapter and the Chapter Executive Committee. The outgoing Secretary shall fulfill the Chapter requirements of reporting the election of new Officers to the Society Office and to the Chapter Sponsor and shall act as librarian. The Secretary shall preside during the absence of both the President and Vice-President.

Section 4. The Treasurer, working under the supervision of the Chapter Sponsor, shall handle and account for all funds, paying out funds only upon approval of the President, or the Chapter Executive Committee. At the end of the year, the Treasurer shall submit a report with cash balance to the Chapter Executive Committee for audit and approval, and deliver all records and moneys to the incoming Treasurer.

Section 5. The Chapter Sponsor shall advise the officers and student members and represent the Chapter at Biophysical Society Meetings as regularly as possible. The Chapter Sponsor shall encourage all Chapter members to attend regional and national meetings as may be possible. The Chapter Sponsor shall serve as liaison between the Chapter and the faculty of the host institution, and shall advise the Officers and membership.

Section 6. The Student Chapter will select at least one chapter member as a delegate to attend the Biophysical Society Annual Meeting, to participate in a Biophysical Society Student Chapter Leader’s meeting. The delegate may be the President of the Chapter, or another Student Member of the Chapter’s Executive Committee. Selected delegates may be eligible for travel assistance to the meeting based on the availability of funds.

Article VIII - Chapter Executive Committee

Section 1. The Executive Committee consists of the Chapter’s elected officers, plus the Sponsor. It meets regularly each month during the academic year and such other times as called by the President, or by a quorum of the Committee. A quorum, which consists of a simple majority, is necessary to conduct business. The Executive Committee conducts the business of the Chapter, acts on periodic reports from the Secretary, Treasurer, and President, and is responsible to the Section, the Society and the will of the majority of all Chapter members. The Executive Committee must approve the Annual Reports of the President, Secretary, and Treasurer before they are sent to the Society.

Section 2. All meetings of the Executive Committee shall be open to the Chapter members.

Article IX – Committees

Section 1. The officers of the Chapter, including the Chapter Sponsor as advisor, shall constitute the Executive Committee, charged with the responsibility of a successful year’s program.

Section 2. The President, as Chair of the Executive Committee, shall appoint, with the majority approval of the Executive Committee, the personnel of the Standing Committees.

Section 3. The Committees shall include:

(a) Program Committee - to arrange and be responsible for meetings, speeches, and papers presented.

(b) Membership Development Committee - to promote local and national membership and to encourage the involvement of non-members in Chapter activities.

(c) Publicity Committee - to bring the Chapter and its activities, including all meetings, to the attention of members, potential members, the school(s) and the press, and any other potentially interested persons.

(d) Outreach Committee- to organize outreach events and volunteers throughout the year, working with similar efforts already in place throughout the department and Oregon State College of Science.

The President shall be an advisory member of the Standing Committees. The Committees shall be directly responsible to the Executive Committee, which shall have the power to change the personnel of the Standing Committees, and to appoint special or Ad Hoc Committees as deemed necessary.

Article X – Meetings

Section 1. Regular meetings of the Chapter shall be held during the second week of each month [or bi-monthly, during the administrative (academic) year/except June-August] or on a postponed date set by the Executive Committee, which may also call a special meeting at any time.

Article XI – Amendments

Section 1. These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present at any regular meeting, provided notice of the proposed amendment shall have been given in writing at the last regular meeting.

Section 2. Amendments to these Bylaws must be approved by the Biophysical Society’s Council.