Upcoming Events

BPS  Symposium 2022: April 9th, 12-5pm

Featuring speakers: Dr. Elisar Barbar (OSU), Dr. Liman Zhang (OHSU), Dr. Mike Harms (UO), Dr. Parisa Hosseinzadeh (UO).

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Past Events

BPS 2022

Featured work from chapter members:

Dr. Elisar Barbar                            Amber Vogel

Dr. Afua Nyarko                             Sanjay Ramprasad

Aidan Estelle                                  Gretchen Fujimura

Jesse Howe                                     Coban Brooks


BPS 2021

Featured work from chapter members: Aidan Estelle, Kayla Jara, Kasie Baker, and Amber Vogel.
Celebrating Biophysics Week
  • March 26th: ““Biomolecular NMR at Oregon State: A Walkthrough Tour”