BB Core Courses by Suggested Year

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BB 111 Introduction to BB Research Freshman
CH 231 General Chemistry Freshman
CH 232 General Chemistry Freshman
CH 233 General Chemistry Freshman
CH 261 Laboratory for Chemistry Freshman
CH 262 Laboratory for Chemistry Freshman
CH 263 Laboratory for Chemistry Freshman
MTH 251 Differential Calculus Freshman
MTH 252 Integral Calculus Freshman
Freshman or Sophomore
BI 211 Principles of Biology Freshman/Sophomore
BI 212 Principles of Biology Freshman/Sophomore
BI 213 Principles of Biology Freshman/Sophomore
MTH 254 Vector Calculus Freshman/Sophomore
BB 317 Scientific Theory and Practice Sophomore
CH 334 Organic Chemistry Sophomore
CH 335 Organic Chemistry Sophomore
CH 336 Organic Chemistry Sophomore
MTH 253
or 256
or 306
Infinite Series and Sequences Sophomore
PH 211 General Physics  Sophomore
PH 212 General Physics Sophomore
PH 213 General Physics Sophomore
Sophomore or Junior
CH 361 Experimental Chemistry Sophomore/Junior
CH 362 Experimental Chemistry Sophomore/Junior
BI 311 Genetics Sophomore/Junior/Senior
BB 314 Cell and Molecular Biology
BB 490 Biochemistry Junior
BB 491 Biochemistry Junior
BB 492 Biochemistry Junior
CH 440 Physical Chemistry Junior
CH 441 Physical Chemistry Junior
CH 442 Physical Chemistry Junior
Junior or Senior
BB 493 Biochemistry Lab Junior/Senior
BB 494 Biochemistry Lab Junior/Senior
BB 496 Biochemistry Laboratory Molecular Modeling Junior/Senior
BB 497 Basic Nucleic Acid and Protein Sequence Analysis Junior/Senior
BB 481 Biophysics Senior
BB 482 Biophysics Senior
BB 483 Biophysics Senior