Congratulations Sanjay Ramprasad

Recipient of the 2021-2022 Christopher and Catherine Mathews Graduate Fellowship

This endowed fellowship was established in 2015 through the generosity of Chris and Kate Mathews with the purpose of helping the BB doctoral program recruit and retain top notch students.

Sanjay Ramprasad received a bachelor's degree in Chemistry from Portland State University and after graduating, he held positions in industry for several years before applying to our program. This award is given based on academic merit, teaching excellence, and research potential. In his first year here, Sanjay excelled in all these criteria. He will be joining the Nyarko Lab to study the structure and regulation of signaling proteins.

Congratulations Sanjay, and wish you the best of luck in your graduate career, and thank you Chris and Kate for your generosity and support of our program.