If a student’s career goals include an industry position, they should consult the GEN Guide to Biotechnology Companies (see Kevin Ahern) for an idea what companies are around. There are several approaches to getting a position at a particular company. Perhaps the best way is to determine whether any of the faculty members have contacts at any of the companies that students are interested in. Another is to send resumes out to employment agencies in the field of “biotechnology”. These agencies are in the business of finding potential employees with specific expertise to fill a position. Another way is to use the personnel placement sections of journals such as Science and Chemical and Engineering News. Finally, many companies operate their own postdoctoral training programs (e.g. Genentech). Students should contact a specific company to inquire about this possibility, but again it is most helpful to find a specific contact. Many companies have policies that prohibit the use of postdoctoral positions to fill permanent vacancies.