Third year students in the Ph.D. program get an opportunity to present their research achievements and further research plans during this seminar. This will also give them a chance to answer questions from all members of the department concerning all aspects of their work. This is a great opportunity to do a “full-length” seminar talk (i.e. a total of 60 min, ~45 min will be the actual presentation, 15 min of questions and discussion), something that does not occur often before the final thesis (“defense”) seminar.

The third year seminar must be scheduled at the beginning of Fall term with the faculty member in charge of the seminar program for any given year (“seminar chair”). During the quarter that a student presents, the student should register for BB 607 (see page 6). The seminar title must be submitted to the seminar chair and the staff in the departmental office several weeks in advance of the seminar so that fliers can be distributed.