The following timeline is meant to serve as a guide through a graduate career. Special circumstances result in departures from this guide. For details about exceptions refer to the Graduate School Survival Guide or ask the Graduate School. Also, first seek advice from your mentoring major professor and the Graduate Advisor.

First Year:

  1. Teaching;
  2. Lab rotations;
  3. Complete bulk of coursework. Usually includes the Biochemistry (BB 590/591/592) and Biophysics (BB 581/582/583) series;
  4. Participate in First Year Seminar (BB 507 [MS]/607 [PhD]) and Journal Club;
  5. Select a major advisor (research lab);
  6. Select committee members and hold program meeting by the end of the year or by the end of the fifth quarter at OSU (meeting must be scheduled with Graduate School).

Second Year:

  1. Hold program committee meeting to plan last of coursework;
  2. Help in running departmental picnic Fall Quarter;
  3. Finish coursework (selected topics classes);
  4. Complete significant research, prepare thesis proposal and Pass Preliminary Exam.

Third Year:

  1. Schedule, prepare for, and take Oral Preliminary Exam by the end of the fall term (this is a hard deadline! Meeting must be scheduled with Graduate School);
  2. Arrange for and give Third Year Seminar;

Fourth and/or Fifth Year:

  1. Search for post-doctoral position;
  2. Finish research and write thesis;
  3. File thesis title approval form with the Graduate School the term prior to the term you intend to defend;
  4. File diploma application with the Graduate School prior to the term you intend to graduate;
  5. File "Approval to Schedule Final Oral Examination" two weeks

Prior to the final oral examination;

  1. Submit copies of thesis to committee members and graduate school at time you schedule final oral exam (two weeks in advance of the final exam date);
  2. Schedule room and time with departmental office for exam;
  3. Take (and pass) Final Oral Exam;
  4. Submit final unbound copies of thesis to Graduate School for approval;
  5. Submit one bound copy of thesis to major professor and one bound copy of thesis to departmental library.