Name Year Degree Title Faculty Mentor
Raymond L Pederson 1944 MS Microbiological Assay of Nicotonic Acid in Natural Materials  Vernon H. Cheldelin
Walter E Jackson 1944 MS Nutritional Requirements of the Golden Hamster (cricetus auratus) Vernon H. Cheldelin
Edward H Hoag 1944 MS The Use of LactoBacillus Arabinosus in the Assay of Pantothenic Acid  Vernon H. Cheldelin
Thomas R. Riggs 1945 MS A Growth Factor for Lactobacillus Gayoni 8289 Vernon H. Cheldelin
Chesteh A. Schink 1947 PhD The Synthesis and Testing of Some Analooues of Pantoic Acid and Pantothenic Acid Vernon H. Cheldelin
Tsoo E. King 1947 MS The Infleunce of Glutamic Acid and Propionic Acid Upon Pantothenic Acid Metabolism in Microorganisms  Vernon H. Cheldelin
Hiroshi Nishi 1948 MS The Influence of Pantothenic Acid and Glutamic Acid on the Level of Total Acetobacter Suboxydans Activtiy in Various Rat Tissues  Vernon H. Cheldelin
Tsoo E. King  1949 PhD A New Conjugate of Pantothenic Acid Vernon H. Cheldelin
Robert L. Stearman  1949 MS Norvaline and the Metabolism of Escharichia Coli Vernon H. Cheldelin
Irving G. Fels 1949 PhD The Role of Metrionine and Sulfate in Selenate Detoxification  Vernon H. Cheldelin
John W. Hull 1949 MS An Evaluation of Microbiological Assay Methods for p-Aminobenzoic Acid  Vernon H. Cheldelin
Robert F. Labbe 1949 MS Studies on the Biosynthesis of Biotin  Vernon H. Cheldelin
Rex D. Lindsay 1949 MS The Synthesis and Testing of Some Analogues of Pantoio Acid and Beta-alanine  NA
Leanor L. Lindsay 1949 MS Some Chemical Studies of a Pantothenic Acid Conjugate  Vernon H. Cheldelin