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A graduate student working with a vial in a lab.

Join a tight-knit program where your contributions will make a difference

Graduate students are the backbone of research in our department, and we are proud to offer a program that fosters collaboration, excellence in research and training by faculty experts in numerous areas of biochemistry and molecular biophysics. The biochemistry and biophysics graduate program gives students the opportunity to solve significant research questions underlying life and disease, with access to the best facilities and instrumentation in the region.


The biochemistry and biophysics department offers a unique graduate curriculum that provides innovative education, individualized advising, holistic mentoring and cutting-edge molecular life science research.

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Graduate student life

Get involved in our student and campus community through student clubs and outreach, and connect with Oregon State resources to make sure your time here is as enriching as it is productive.

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Diverse research interests with exceptional faculty mentors

Our master’s and Ph.D. students are mentored and trained by faculty experts in several areas of biochemistry and molecular biophysics, including structural biology; enzymology; metabolic regulation; signal transduction; protein chemistry; gene expression; epigenetics; bioinformatics; cell cycle control; and cell movement and adhesion. Graduate students can pursue computational training and research at the Center for Quantitative Life Sciences and use the facilities at the Linus Pauling Institute

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