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Graduate Student Life

two students presenting research at poster session

Build your BB community

Being a graduate student is about so much more than academics. In the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, there are organizations where you can build a community of like-minded students while growing as a scientist and as a person. We also offer support services to ensure emotional and physical needs are being met throughout your time as a student.

BB Graduate Student Association

Home to nearly all BB graduate students, the GSA works to provide professional development opportunities, improve communication between faculty and students and foster a positive and welcoming BB community.

Learn more about the BB Graduate Student Association 

Biophysical Society Student Chapter

The OSU BPS Chapter is committed to professional growth and responsibility in the area of biophysics, as well as outreach and informal science education. Connect with your peers and learn how you can make biophysics approachable and digestible for your community!

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Outreach and engagement

Engaging new students with science can help us get a head start on addressing issues that arise in the future and benefit the world as a whole. We are passionate about “revealing how life works” by hosting workshops, conferences, and events for Oregon teachers, students and the general public. Students in our undergraduate and graduate clubs often participate in these events, cementing their own learning and teaching young people to fall in love with science.

Graduate Student Handbook

The biochemistry and biophysics handbook focuses on the specific policies and culture of the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics to help facilitate the timely completion of graduate training. The guide is presented in chronological order, and contains useful information including the BB core curriculum, teaching expectations, graduate committees, resources for finding a post-doc after graduation, forms and much more.

Mental and emotional health

Graduate School can be a deeply rewarding experience, but it can also be stressful. Stay connected to wellness resources and counseling options available at Oregon State University.

Disability Access Services

Disability Access Services provides accommodations like alternative testing and classroom access, as well as resources and coaching to enhance student success at Oregon State University.