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Undergraduate Academics and Resources

Juan Vanegas and students diagramming membrane dynamics

Juan Vanegas, Associate Professor, introduces students to concepts of membrane dynamics.

Our teaching philosophy

Our biochemistry and biophysics faculty strive to build inclusive classroom environments in which students learn to think critically about the molecular life sciences. Our departmental mission emphasizes that our research and study of biochemistry is centered on the benefit for all and we apply these principles to support the holistic development of our undergraduate scientists. We design our curriculum to promote critical thinking and the application of knowledge in research-project-centered laboratory courses that focus on cutting-edge research. Our curriculum includes courses that focus on science self-identity and science communication to promote well-rounded science citizens. Our goal is to offer students a strong foundation in biochemistry in a curriculum that is also flexible to support students in a variety of science-related careers, including wet lab research, clinical laboratory science, computational biology, healthcare, education and science policy. We strive to provide students with the confidence and skills to pursue the next steps in their life journey.

BB courses

Our aim is to offer rigorous biochemistry experiences both in the classroom and in the laboratory to prepare students for the molecular life science careers of their choice. Our lab courses integrate projects from BB researchers so that students contribute to current research problems using modern biochemistry techniques. Relatively new to our department is the addition of neuroscience courses.

Registration overrides for BB courses

If you are having trouble registering for a BB class and you believe you meet the prerequisites for the course, complete this override request form. You will need to provide specific information about transfer coursework. You will be asked to provide documentation such as a transcript or syllabus. Overrides may be requested beginning in week 4 or 5 for the following term and may take 2-3 business days to process.

Research and independent study for credit

Undergraduate students are able to participate in a variety of independent study credits with BB faculty members. Students need to obtain faculty permission and then a departmental override to register for these credit opportunities: research (BB 401), thesis (BB 403) reading and conference (BB 405) and internship credits (BB 410).

Prepare for graduate or professional school with an honors degree

The University Honors College (UHC) provides challenging curricula and enhanced learning experiences in general education, as well as a multitude of science courses, biochemistry and special topics in neuroscience. The UHC offers smaller courses taught by OSU's finest faculty and students completing the program conduct research as part of their Honors Thesis. The coupling of Honors with either major is an excellent preparation for graduate or professional schools.

Visit the Honors College 

Educational resources

Faculty in our department have worked to create comprehensive textbooks that are free and available for our students and the public, including introductory biochemistry textbooks, bioinformatics and a guide to get into medical school. Former BB faculty Kevin Ahern and Indira Rajagopal were instrumental in creating two free textbooks, online courses and numerous other resources to make biochemistry fun, engaging and accessible to all.

Access free BB textbooks 

Additional academic resources

Biochemistry students incorporate a variety of other math and science coursework into their curriculum. Additional support resources for other disciplines include: