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Pre-Med and Pre-Health

Pharmacist taking inventory

Pathway to medical school

Both of our biochemistry degrees offer an option in pre-medicine and provide an excellent foundation to help you be competitive for admission at top medical schools around the nation, as well as dentistry, pharmacy and physician assistant. Recent alumni from our program have been accepted to prestigious programs including Stanford, OHSU, University of Washington, UCLA and USC.

Our students complete rigorous core courses in physics, organic chemistry, biochemistry for majors, advanced molecular genetics, and biophysics, which meet the prerequisites for most accredited medical schools. You can complement this foundation with upper-division pre-medical electives tailored to your interests, such as biomedical ethics, immunology, anatomy and physiology and neuroscience — all while engaging in experiential learning opportunities including undergraduate research, health internships, volunteering, study abroad and clinical work.

Our advising team provides intensive, realistic pre-medical advising throughout the program and supports students through the application process.

Interested in becoming a physician-scientist (M.D./Ph.D.)?

Many students who are interested in becoming physician-scientists elect to major in biochemistry. Alumni from both our BB and BMB programs have gained admission to highly competitive M.D./Ph.D. programs. These students have all engaged in multiple years of undergraduate research at OSU and other institutions around the world, including the National Institutes of Health.

Our pre-meds turn their passion into practice.

Resources for pre-health and pre-med students