Name Year Degree Title Faculty Mentor
Chester E. Kean 1950 MS Fungal Amylases in the Acetone-Butanol Fermentation  NA
Phillip E. Leveque 1951 MS The Use of Corynebacterium Xerose for Beta-Alanine Assay Vernon H. Cheldelin
Robert Warren Newburgh 1951 MS Intermediates in Photosynthesis by Tobacco NA
Charles J. Stewart  1952 MS Chemical and Biochemical Studies of the Lactobacillus Bulgaricus Factor  Tsoo E. King
James W. Davis  1952 MS The Formation of Radioactiye Lysine and Histidine from CH3C14OOH and CH3C14O COOH in Yeast  Chih H. Wang
Robert Warren Newburgh 1953 PhD Chemical Intermediates in Photosynthesis and Chemosynthesis  NA
Walter David Loomis 1953 PhD Glutamyl Transferase in Higher Plants  NA
Russell L. Jolley Jr.  1954 MS Studies of Biosynthesis and Metabolic Function of Coenzyme A Vernon H. Cheldelin
Jens Hauge  1954 PhD Studies on Oxidative Dissimilation in Acetobacter Suboxydans  Vernon H. Cheldelin
Dexters Rogers  1954 PhD N-D-Glucosyiglycine in Furine Biosynthesis  Vernon H. Cheldelin
James McGinnis 1955 PhD Nutritional and Metabolic Studies on the Blowfly, Phormia Regina (Meig.) Robert W. Newburgh 
James Wendell Davis 1955 PhD Carbon Dioxide Fixation and Biosynthesis of Amino Acids in Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) Chih H. Wang
Charles J. Stewart  1955 PhD Synthesis and Biological Activity of Pantetheine Analogs and Derivatives  Tsoo E. King
Robert Lewis Dunning 1956 MS Chromatographic Analysis and Biosynthesis of Peppermint Oil Terpenes Walter D. Loomis
Dale Douglas Hoskins 1956 MS Metabolic Studies on the Honey Bee (apis mellifica) NA
Elwell H. Kawasaki 1956 MS Dissimilation of Honnitrogenous Compounds by Acetobacter pastourianum  Tsoo E. King
Paul Alan Kitos 1956 PhD Terminal Oxidation Pathways in Acetobacter Suboxydans  Tsoo E. King
Hubert J. Sharkey 1956 PhD The Synthesis of Beta-Alanyl Peptides  Tsoo E. King
Russell L. Jolley Jr.  1958 PhD Glucose Catabolism in Fetal and Adult Mammalian Heart  Robert W. Newburgh