Name Year Degree  Title Faculty Mentor
Raymond J. Shamberger Jr. 1960 MS Amino Acid Requirements of Acetobacter Suboxydans  Vernon H. Cheldelin
John B. Bourke 1960 MS The Effect of Various Herbicides on Glucose Metabolism in Garden Peas Pisum Sativum L.  NA
George Ikeda 1960 MS The Biosynthesis of Certain Amino Acids in Pseudomonas Flourescens KB1 Chih H. Wang
Donald E. Chittick 1960 PhD Kinetics of Bleaching in Colored KC1 NA
Edgar B. Vaisey 1961 PhD Studies on the Organic Acid Metabolism of a Wheat Smut Fungus Robert W. Newburgh 
Allen LeRoy Bieber  1961 PhD Phospholipid Patterns in the Developing Chick Robert W. Newburgh 
Arthur Malley 1961 PhD Isolation and Some Properties of Allergens from Timothy Pollen  NA
Chuen-Shang Chung 1962 MS Organic and Inorganic Nutrition of Tilletia Contraversa  Vernon H. Cheldelin
Siao Fang Sun 1962 PhD The Effects of Non-Aqueous Solvents on the Configuration of Bovine Serum Albumin NA
Allen LeRoy Bieber  1963 PhD Characterization of a Naturally Occuring Beta-Methylcholine Phosphatide and Related Studies  Robert W. Newburgh 
Gerald G. Still 1963 MS The Occurrence of the Entner-Doudoroff Pathway in Azotobacter Vinelandii Bert E. C. 
Karin Ann Smith 1963 MS The Relation of a Soluble Factor to Phosphorylation during the Oxidation of Reduced Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotides Robert W. Newburgh 
Michael Emmanuel Maragoudakis 1964 PhD Biosynthesis of Aminodicarboxylic Acids in Acetobacter Suboxydans  Vernon H. Cheldelin
Suresh S. Kerwar 1964 PhD Amino Acid Metabolism in Acetobacter Suboxydans  L. Parks
John C. Ramsey 1964 PhD Radiotracer Studies of Carbohydrates Catabolism in Tomato Fruit  NA
Theodore John Siek 1964 PhD Origin and Composition of Phospholipids in Chick Embryo and Chick Embryo Barin During Development  Robert W. Newburgh 
Robert Roy Allen  1964 PhD Protein Synthesis in Sarcophage Bullata Robert W. Newburgh 
Wilber Winston Baker  1964 PhD Studies of Soluble and Particulate Isocitrate Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Phosphate Oxidorredcutase Activities During Development of the Chick Embryo Robert W. Newburgh 
Ronald Ginson Coffey 1964 PhD Pathways of Glucose Utilization and Ribose Synthesis in the Chick Embryo  Robert W. Newburgh 
Gerald G. Still 1965 PhD The Role of Some of the Krebs Cycle Reactions in the Biosynthetic Functions of Thiobacillus Thioparus  NA
Morio Kuboyama 1965 PhD Mammalian Heart Cytochrome Oxidase Tsoo E. King
Ward Edward Shine 1965 MS Some Effects of Nutrient Supply on Composition of Corn Plants Grown in Solution Culture  NA
Geoffrey Peter Cheung 1967 PhD Enzymatic Studies of the Prenatal Chick with Special Reference to the Multiple Forms of Liver Soluble NADP-Linked Isocitric Dehydrogenase Robert W. Newburgh
Faith I. Smith  1967 MS The Effect of Azetidine-2-Carboxylic Acid on Proline Biosynthesis in Eschericha Coli Annette Baich
George J. Ikeda 1967 PhD Glucose Catabolism in Mung Bean (phaseolus aureus) seedlings  Chih H. Wang
Edith Fusayo Yamasaki 1967 MS Some Properties of Diamine Oxidase from pisum sativum NA
William O. Dalton  1967 PhD Hydrodynamic Behavior of Multi-Subunit Particles and Laser Raman Investigations  NA
Gordon E. Willick 1967 PhD Physical Studies on Glutamic Dehydrogenase  Ken Van Holde
Charles Waylan Conrad 1967 MS The Effect of 2-Deoxyglucose in hexose Metabolism in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Chih H. Wang
Kenneth Charles Olson 1967 MS Biological Activity of Avian Myeloblastosis Virus RNS in Cell-Free Systems for Protein Synthesis  George S. Beaudreau
John R. Kettman Jr.  1967 PhD Certain Aspects of electron and Coupled Energy Transfer in Cardiac Muscle  Tsoo E. King
Jay F. Evett 1968 PhD The Interaction of Polylysine with DNA as Studied by Polarization of Flurorescence  Irvin Isenberg
Roger A. Lewis 1968 PhD The Purification and Characterization of a Ribonuclease from Bovine Aorta Wilbert Gamble 
David B. Couch  1968 MS The Effect of Streptomycin on Proline Synthesis in escherichia coli Annette Baich
Judith Ann Hartz 1968 MS Synthesis of Glutamic-y-Semialdehyde in escherichia coli: Isolation of a Low Molecular Weight Compound Required for In-Vitro Synthesis Annette Baich
Thomas Richard Hinds 1968 PhD A Partial Characterization of the Deoxyribonucleic Acid Found in the Thoracic Muscles of the Tobacco Hornworm Moth (Manducta sexta) Robert W. Newburgh 
Jerome Jess Jacoby 1968 MS Numerical Integration of Linear Integral Equations with Weakly Discontinuous Kernals  Joel Davis
Donald W. Jacobsen  1968 PhD The Estimation of Glucose Pathways in Saccharomyces Cerevislae by the Catabolic Rate Method  Chih H. Wang
Marilyn Ruth Walsh  1968 MS A Study of the Biosynthesis of Sterois and Related Compounds by a Bovine Aorta Preparation  Wilbert Gamble 
Visitacion Y. Ong 1969 MS The In-Vivo Metabolism of Ethyl-N, N-di-n-propylthiolcarbamatein Rate S. C. Fang
Kennethn F. Watson  1969 PhD Purification of a Ribonucleic Acid-Dependent Ribonucleic Acid Polymerase from Leukemic Cells George S. Beaudreau
Hector John Munn 1969 PhD Patterns of Lipid Changes with Growth of Chick Sciatic Nerve Robert W. Newburgh 
Edmund Rene Casillas 1969 PhD Carnitine and Derivatives in Embryonic Chick Tissues  Robert W. Newburgh 
Yue-Guey Lee Chang 1969 MS A Comparison of the Rates and Paths of Metabolism of 2, 4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid in Resistant and Susceptible Plants  Virgil H. Freed
Jacquelin E. Hucko Hass 1969 PhD Studies on the Inhibition of Bovine Plasma Amine Oxidase by Hydrazines  Donald J. Reed
Terry L. Miller  1969 PhD Physical and Chemical Properties of Ribonuclease T1 Robert R. Becker
Richard P. Quinn 1969 PhD The Purification and Characterization of the Fructose-1, 6-Diphosphate Aldolase from Bacillus stearothermophilus Robert R. Becker
Robert M. Swindell 1969 MS Kinetic Studies of the Oxygen Requirement of some Amine Oxidates  Donald J. Reed
Fritz Schreyer Allen  1969 PhD The Phenomenology of Electric Dichroism  NA
Judith Wittkop Hauswirth 1969 PhD The Oxidative Demethylation of Certain N-Methylhydrazines by Microsomal Liver  Donald J. Reed
Thomas O. Tiffany 1969 PhD Some Phsyical Studies of Ribonuclease-S and its Component Parts, S-Protein and S-Peptide  Robert R. Becker
Russell A. Prough 1969 PhD The Conversion of some Monoalkylhydrazines to their Corresponding Hydrocarbons by a Hepatic Microsomal Enzyme System in Rat  Donald J. Reed