The Biochemistry Club officers for the 2019-2020 school year are as follows:

(From left to right in the photo)

Top Row: Drake Dolan, Maja Engler, Saylor Miller, Tori Puoci, Sonia Grutzius, Samantha Carrothers, Lydia Bastian
Bottom Row: Jac Longstreth, Bahiya Zahl, Mathew Steinberg

Victor "Tori" Puoci (he/him) - President
Hi, I’m Tori and I’m a senior studying Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with an option in Advanced Molecular Biology and a certificate in Scientific, Technical, and Professional Communication. (Apparently I needed to fit as many words into my degree title as possible!) I’m interested in science communication and epigenetics research. I’m also a musician in the OSU Marching Band and Pep Band. (

Saylor Miller (she/her) - Vice President
I am a junior majoring in Innovation Management and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology with a Pre-Medicine option.  I plan on seeing where my interests take me after college, and expect that they will land me in medical school. I enjoy skiing, hiking, playing the cello, accumulating plants and attending free cookie Fridays at the Biochemistry Department office. (

Maja Engler (Maja is pronounced like “my-uh”) - Operations Manager
I’m a third-year biochemistry and molecular biology major with an advanced molecular biology option and a minor in chemistry. I love traveling and being outdoors, whether it’s water skiing or backpacking. I have Norwegian and American dual citizenship and I’ve moved 8 times. Although I’m not 100% sure what I’d like to do as a career, I want to help people and the environment as best I can. (

Lydia Bastian - Academic Committee Chair
Hi, my name is Lydia! I am a senior studying Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, with an option in Advanced Molecular Biology and a minor in Chemistry. I transferred to OSU last year from Umpqua Community College in Roseburg. I don’t have a life plan nailed down yet, but I know I am interested in medical research. In my free time, I like to hike to waterfalls and listen to live music. (

Sonia Grutzius - Outreach Committee Chair
My name is Sonia Grutzius and I'm a senior in Biochemistry and Biophysics with a minor in Spanish. I'm currently on the pre-med track as an aspiring pediatric oncologist. When I'm not in class you can find me hanging out in the Mehl lab working on my thesis research or (literally) running away from my problems with the OSU Running Club. I love to bake, and I love to eat, so if you're ever in need of a snack and some company, let me know! (

Bahiya Zahl - Professional Development Committee Chair
I am a senior BMB major with an Advanced Molecular Biology option and a Chemistry minor. I am also an undergraduate researcher in the Forest Biotechnology Lab at OSU and I love everything about plants. In the future I hope to work in plant biotechnology. (

Jac Longstreth - Social Committee Chair
My name is Jac Longstreth and I am a third year Biochemistry and Biophysics major with a Psychology minor. I have a big interest in drug design as well as forensics, and I hope to pursue one of these after I graduate! (

Samantha (Sam) Carrothers - Senior Class Representative
Hi there! My name is Sam and I am serving as this year’s Senior Class Representative. I am going into my fourth year as a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major with an option in Advanced Molecular Biology and a minor in History. I am currently still exploring future career options but look forward to participating within the field after graduation. When I’m not in class or working with the Biochemistry Club I enjoy working on my honors thesis, planning events as the secretary of the OSU Astronomy Club, and attending weekly ballroom dance lessons at the women’s building! (

Mathew Steinberg - Sophomore Class Representative
Hi my name is Mathew Steinberg and I’m currently a second year student. My major is Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with a pre-med option. My goal is to become a pharmacist. (

All undergraduate majors are encouraged to participate in the Biochemistry Club. Activities include social events each quarter at a faculty member's house, a fall picnic, chances to meet with visiting scientists, talks by local faculty, and numerous outreach activities.

The bbundergrad listserv is open to all current, future, and other students interested in Biochemistry/Biophysics and Biochemistry/Molecular Biology at Oregon State.

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