Faculty offices and laboratories are located in the Agricultural and Life Science (ALS) Building and Linus Pauling Science Center. The departmental office is in ALS 2011 and a teaching laboratory is located in the ALS basement. Three BB faculty members are affiliated with the Linus Pauling Institute and sixteen affiliate faculty members are located in other departments. The department is active in research, as well as in teaching, with most faculty members holding one or more research grants from off-campus agencies. Qualified undergraduate students are encouraged to participate in these ongoing research programs. The department provides an excellent setting for research training at the undergraduate level, with opportunities to perform research for pay or for credit. A list of BB faculty research interests is available. Many additional faculty from many departments around campus do biochemistry-related research and often mentor BB and BMB undergraduates in their research labs. We have prepared a document that includes the web pages at which you can find research descriptions for this wider group of faculty.

Research grants are available during the school year from the OSU URSA Engage program. And summer funding for research with OSU faculty members is available through College of Science SURE Science Awards.