Robert and Clarice MacVicar (1985)

Robert MacVicar, president of Oregon State University from 1970 to 1984, and his wife, Clarice, had a strong interest in the health and welfare of animals. As a result, they established a fund to support research at OSU that impacts animal health and welfare in its broadest sense, that is interdisciplinary in its approach and represented by the areas of microbiology, biochemistry, and veterinary medicine. The award will be made as a $5000 stipend, with an additional $1000 for research supplies and/or travel. Also, the awardee will present the Robert and Clarice MacVicar Animal Health Lecture at the end of the award year.  For more information about the MacVicars, check out:


Nomination Process for 2019-20 Award

Drs. Kate Scollan (Veterinary Medicine), Andy Karplus (Biochemistry and Biophysics) and Jerri Bartholomew (Microbiology) are currently serving as members of the selection committee for the 2019-2020 Robert and Clarice MacVicar Animal Health Fund Scholar. The scholar will be a senior graduate student whose research is primarily concerned with animal health and welfare in its broadest sense and is interdisciplinary in approach, or a veterinarian in a residency program at OSU that includes research at the masters or doctoral level as part of the training program. The selection criteria will be: (a) quality of the research, (b) impact on animal health, (c) interdisciplinary strength, and (d) academic standing. 

Nominations of candidates should be made by faculty through their department chairs/heads and sent electronically, to Mary Fulton, ( for nominees through the Dept of Microbiology, to Beth Chamblin ( for nominees through the College of Veterinary Medicine or Tony Reyna ( for nominees through the Dept of Biochemistry & Biophysics. Multiple nominations may be submitted from each department.  The nomination deadline is 8 a.m. Monday November 18, 2019. 

The application must be submitted as a single PDF file containing, in order:

  1. a nomination letter
  2. the curriculum vitae of the nominee
  3. a Statement of Research (up to two pages) prepared by the nominee describing research objectives and preliminary progress. The statement must clearly emphasize the interdisciplinary nature of the research, and explicitly describe how the research will impact animal health and welfare.
  4. two supporting letters of recommendation.


The committee will make its recommendation to the Provost, and the successful candidate will be notified by the Provost before the end of fall term. During the following spring term, a reception for the recipient will be held, and the Awardee will present the Robert and Clarice MacVicar Animal Health Lecture

List of past recipients: 

2018-2019, Claire Couch, Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine, Mentored by Anna Jolles
2017-2018, Nathan Jespersen, Biochemistry and Biophysics, Mentored by Elisar Barbar 
2016-2017, Elizabeth Collar, DVM, Veterinary Medicine, Mentored by Katja Duesterdieck-Zellmer
2015-2016, Heather Broughton, DVM, Zoology, Mentored by Katja Duesterdieck-Zellmer
2014-2015, Timothy Putman, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Mentored by Dan Rockey
2013-2014, Dr. Barbara Hunter, DVM, Veterinary Science, Mentored by Katja Duesterdieck-Zellmer
2012-2013, Dr. Marc Kinsley, DVM, Veterinary Science, Mentored by Stacy A. Semvolos
2011-2012, Stephanie Gervasi, Veterinary Science, Mentored by Andy Blaustein
2010-2011, Brianna Beechler, Environmental Sciences, Mentored by Anna Jolles
2008-2009, Shannon Reed, Veterinary Science, Mentored by Michael Huber
2005-2006, Chelsea Byrd, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Mentored by Dennis Hruby