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And the 2016 KARE Award winners are...

2016 KARE Awards (Knowledge Advancement Research Experience Award)

This year the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics is proud to announce the 2016 KARE Awards (Knowledge Advancement Research Experience Award) that will support 11 undergraduates during winter and spring terms. The KARE Awards support undergraduate research and training in biochemistry and biophysics and helps build strong mentoring relationships between faculty and students. Thanks to faculty who are mentoring these undergraduate students and providing such meaningful, transformative experiences for our students.

The KARE Awards are made possible thanks to the generous philanthropic support of College of Science donors.

Congratulations our 2016 KARE Award recipients!

Youngmin Park working with Weihong Qiu: "Single-molecule study of the plant kinesin Kinesin-2B"

Kelsey Caples working with Viviana Perez: "Characterizing poly-glutamine protein aggregation in Naked Mole Rat cells”

Ivana Dang working with Viviana Perez: "The Effects of Rapamycin on UPR and Nrf2”

Miles Rouches working with Fritz Gombart: "The Effect of Cathelicidin Antimicrobial Peptide on the Gut Microbiota”

Brian Josephson working with Michael Freitag: “Testing a copper inducible promoter in Fusarium

Mason Rouches working with David Hendrix: "Identification of novel LncRNA structures"

Zackary Bango working with Michael Freitag: "Site-directed mutagenesis of EED and KMT6 to study in vivo effects of predicted structure-function relationships in the PRC2 complex"

Alex Mcfadden working with Elisar Barbar: "Evaluating the in vitro Interaction between LC8, Bim, and Beclin-1"

True Gibson working with Ryan Mehl: "Synthesis & Kinetic Analysis of Novel Tetrazine Amino Acids"

Garth Kong working with Ryan Mehl: "Purification of Calmodulin-Binding Proteins and the Denitrase Enzyme"

Zach Goode working with Andy Karplus: "Understanding Vertebrate Gadusol Biosynthesis in Amphibians and Marine Fish in Atomic Detail"

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