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Ryan Mehl and student researcher in lab.

Oregon State opens the world’s first-ever Genetic Code Expansion center

The NIH will fund Oregon State's GCE4All for a total of $5.6M over five years, solidifying the University as a world leader in GCE protein engineering.

Ryan Mehl sitting at his desk.
Biochemistry & Biophysics

A vote of confidence: two grants to reimagine how technology can influence scientific discovery

Ryan Mehl, professor of biochemistry and biophysics, has received two new grants that reflect the lab's growing success in genetic code expansion.

male and female students looking over lab machinery

New diffractometer opens door to discovery

In its first week, Oregon State’s new diffractometer has already generated data for eight publishable articles in peer-reviewed science journals.

students and volunteers working in genetic code lab

2018 Genetic Code Expansion Conference draws scientists from around the world

The second Genetic Code Expansion (GCE) Conference accelerated fundamental research into the biology of life as well as drug discovery and material science.

Students working in chemistry lab
Biomedical Science

Genetic Code Expansion Workshop returns for third year

The third annual Genetic Code Expansion Workshop is returning to campus for graduate students, faculty and scientists from across the country and world the week of July 31-August 5, 2017.