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BB Summer Camp Success!

BB Summer Camp Success!

Students participating in virtual summer classes through Zoom.

BB grats worked hard to transform our regular, week-long summer camp into a completely virtual format! 11 middle school students joined us on zoom to enjoy 3 days of experiments, demos, and hands-on activities!

Day 1: ABCs of DNA

  • Draw a Scientist
  • Signs of Life Demo
  • Strawberry DNA Extraction
  • Growing Crystals
  • Bacterial Identification using PCR
  • Cell Membranes

Day 2: Power of Proteins

  • Eterna RNA-folding Game
  • Building Proteins
  • Exploring Enzymes with Catalase
  • Nutrient Transport in Milk
  • Finding and Growing Microbes

Day 3: Miraculous Model Organisms

  • Chlorophyll Chromatography
  • Yeast Balloons
  • Fun with Fungi
  • Draw a Scientist