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A BB Student and two female middle school students, all crouched in front of a lab experiment.

Inspiring a new generation

Our faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students are passionate about “revealing how life works” by collaborating with others to host training workshops, conferences, and events for members of the international scientific community as well as Oregon teachers, students, and the general public. If you are interested in volunteering at these events or would like more information about participating in future events, email us.

Biochemistry Blast for High School Students

Make friends this summer and learn college-level topics! Explore the exciting field of biomedical science! In this new and exciting 2-week online program for high school students, you'll participate in one of our exciting offerings in the field of biochemistry.

If you’re interested in a possible career in science or medicine, this course is for you! Please visit PACE Biochemistry Workshops to register, and for more details.