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pharmacy student

Richard McFarlane (BMB, Class of 2022) is preparing for a career in pharmacy. He is currently in his first year in the OSU Pharm.D. program.

Our majors set you up for a successful career in healthcare, research, industry, and education.

All students in the BB department receive excellent training for careers in medicine and related health professions, biotechnology, pharmaceutical industries and drug design, in addition to exceptional preparation for graduate school in all fields of the biological sciences, from immunology to neuroscience and genetics. Faculty in the department provide research strength in many arenas of biochemistry and molecular biophysics, including structural biology, enzymology, metabolic regulation, signal transduction and protein chemistry, and we encourage our majors to extend their education outside the classroom by taking advantage of opportunities for undergraduate research.


Either B.S. degree in biochemistry & biophysics or biochemistry & molecular biology gives students the ability to choose a Pre-Med Option, which emphasizes training in physiology, microbiology and immunology, as well as coursework in pyschology, ethics and social sciences. Thanks to rigorous research experiences, our students are well-prepared for medical and dental schools, graduate schools, pharmacy schools and are extremely well-qualified for jobs in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors.

Between 2018-2022, 74% of all BB and BMB graduates had at least one undergraduate research experience or internship.

Career readiness

Our undergraduate majors have the opportunity to participate in many different types of co-curricular experiences such as research, study abroad, internships, clubs and volunteer/service activities. Research activities are under the guidance of professors, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students where students engage in creating new knowledge through cutting edge research. Students have the opportunity to serve as teaching assistants, gaining valuable experience in instruction and supervision.

Where are our graduates now?

  • Professor of Neurology at the Mayo Clinic
  • Research scientists at biotech companies
  • Medical students at Harvard, Oregon Health & Science University, Stanford, USC, University of Rochester and Baylor University
  • Graduate students at Johns Hopkins, Stanford, and New York University
  • Emergency Physician and Hospitalist, Hawaii Emergency Physician Association
  • Vascular Surgery Fellow, Mayo Clinic
  • Dentist, Gentle Dental
  • Forensic Pathology Fellow, Office of the Medical Investigator
  • DNA Analyst, Oregon State Police Crime Lab
  • Curriculum Fellow and Lecturer, Harvard
  • Gastroenterologist, Cleveland Clinic
  • Associate Veterinarian, Banfield Pet Hospital
  • Resident Doctor and Spinal Cord Surgery Specialist, Johns Hopkins
  • Research Scientist, Oregon Health and Science University