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Biochemistry Club

2023-2024 Biochemistry Club Officers

Biochemistry Club

2023-2024 Biochemistry Club Officers

group of biochemistry club student officers

(From left to right) Front Row: Kim Tu (Sophomore Class Representative), Sydney Blurton (Operations and Social Media Chair), Kaitlyn Kim (President), Reja Shakya (Vice President), Megan Staicer (Junior Class Representative). Back Row: Colton Ramsey (Professional Development Committee Chair), Daniel Park (Senior Class Representative), Penelope Sagdal (Social Committee Chair) and Max Libmann (Community Service and Outreach Committee Chair)

Not pictured: Freshman Class Representative will be elected in Fall 2023.

All undergraduate majors are encouraged to participate in the Biochemistry Club. Activities include monthly professional development and social events with students and faculty, a fall welcome social, talks by local faculty, chances to meet with visiting scientists, and numerous outreach activities.

The bbundergrad listserv is open to Oregon State University students and faculty and is how we communicate with our biochemistry undergraduate community.

  1. Enter the name ‘bbundergrad’ (without the quotes).
  2. Complete the instructions that follow.

If you have problems registering for the listserv, please contact Dr. Kari van Zee (


Kaitlyn Kim

Hello! I am Kaitlyn Kim, a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major in the Honors College with a Pre-Medicine Option. Currently I am involved in neurocognitive aging research, volunteer at various organizations in the Benton County area, and serve the student body as an ASOSU Senator. In my free time, I enjoy spending time outdoors, playing the violin, and engaging with other languages and cultures. I love interacting with the students and faculty from our amazing department, and am grateful for the opportunity to help foster an inclusive and caring community both academically and socially! (

Vice President

Reja Shakya

Hi! My name is Reja, I am a third year Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major on the pre-med track. I joined the Biochem Club two years ago as the Social Media Coordinator and served last year as Vice President. I am very excited to see what we all will achieve this year as a club. I am doing undergraduate research in the Rockey lab in the College of Veterinary Medicine. In my free time I love to knit, crochet, bake, hike, and spend time with my friends. (

Community Service and Outreach Committee Chair

Max Libmann

Hello! my name is Max Libmann. I am a sophomore studying Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with a Pre-Med option. I'm currently doing research in the Sun Lab, which studies the invasion of breast cancer cells through extracellular collagen matrixes. I am very excited to use the resources of the biochem club to give back to the community. (

Operations and Social Media Director

Professional Development Committee Chair

Colton Ramsey

Hi! My name is Colton and I am a second-year studying Biochemistry and Advanced Molecular Biology. I have done research in wastewater and food microbiology and am excited to work with others and grow our professional skills. My career goal is to work as a medical lab scientist. I joined the club last year as a member, but wanted to give back to the club. My hobbies are running, rowing, and biking, and especially baking! (

Social Committee Chair

Penelope Sagdal

Senior Class Representative

Daniel Parks

Hello, my name is Daniel. I am originally from Seoul, Korea and am a senior majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Since joining the Biochemistry club, I have enjoyed fostering a close-knit community and growing as a scholar within our suppor4ve biochemistry department. I am involved in cardiometabolic disorder research, serves as a Vice-President of the Pre-Medicine Society, and direct a local brass ensemble that brings music to rural communi4es across the WillameKe Valley. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family, playing soccer with friends, and playing the piano. Fun fact: I've had the experience of winning a singing competiton produced by KBS (Korean Broadcas4ng System) and performing alongside the K-pop group “Super Junior” as a kid.

Junior Class Representative

Megan Staicer

Hi, I’m Megan! I am a junior majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and minoring in Spanish. I plan to go to grad school after I graduate. This is my third year in Biochemistry Club and I love it so far. I hope to get more students involved in the club and the activities we do. I am doing undergraduate research in the Mahmud lab in the College of Pharmacy.

Sophomore Class Representatives

Kim Tu

Freshman Class Representative

to be elected