Advisors for BB and BMB majors

Advisors for the Biochemistry & Biophysics and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology majors
From left to right: Dr. Vivana Perez, Dr. Kari van Zee, Dr. Andy Karplus, Dr. Lauren Dalton, and Dr. Maria Franco


Who is my Advisor:

The BB/BMB Advising Team consists of Dr. Andy Karplus,  Dr. Kari van Zee (Lead Advisor), Dr. Lauren DaltonDr. Viviana Perez, and Dr. Maria Franco.

We use a team approach to advising, meaning BB and BMB students will work with all members of the advising team over the course of their undergraduate career on a rotation basis rather than being assigned to just one advisor. Please refer to the table below. We try to be as accessible as possible to students and welcome students to drop by or schedule appointments.  All members of the BB/BMB advising team are research or teaching faculty which enables us to work with our students in different settings.

When do I meet:

Students are required to meet for advising and registration pins as outlined in the table below. Registration pins change each term for first year students, most student athletes, veterans and students on veterans benefits. For these students you should schedule a meeting every term. All other students, registration pins change every spring.

Drop-in advising: Spring 2019

These times are intended for students with quick 1-10 minute questions. No PINs will be distributed during drop-in advising. 

Lead Advisor Kari van Zee:

Week 1: MW 8:30-10:00 am in ALS 2141

Week 2-10: MW 8:30-9:30 am & Th 11-12 in ALS 2141

Lauren Dalton:

Week 1: MWTh 1-2 pm in ALS 2039

Week 2-10: TF 1-2 pm in ALS 2039

Preparing for your advising appointment!

Review your MyDegrees checklist and use it to help you complete/revise this strategic planning table prior to each advising appointment to reflect on your progress, plans and goals. You can download these guides (BB, BMB) to help. Bring a copy to your appointment. Students without this may not complete their advising appointment or receive their pin.

Complete Spring 2019 Advising Survey

Instructions for making an advising appointment:

Click the hyperlinked name in the table below to reach the appointment calendar for each advisor. 


Meet in

Fall 2018

Meet in

Winter 2019

Meet in

Spring 2019

1st Year

Meet with

Kari van Zee

Meet with

Kari van Zee 

Last name: Meet with 

A-N: Lauren Dalton 

O-Z: Andy Karplus 

in Organic Chemistry Series

Last name: Meet with 

A-K: Andy Karplus 

M-Z: Viviana Perez

Last name: Meet with 

A-K: Andy Karplus

L-O: Viviana Perez

P-Z: Lauren Dalton

Meet with

Kari van Zee 

in Biochemistry Series Meet one time fall or winter with Indira Rajagopal (Fall only)Lauren Dalton (winter only)

Last name:

A-K: Kari van Zee

L-Z: Viviana Perez

In Last year(s) of program Meet with Kari van Zee (Wk 1-4) as needed with Kari van Zee
Prospective Students and Change of Major

Contact Lead Advisor Dr. Kari van Zee (; 541-737-1773) to learn more about the BB and BMB majors and to schedule an appointment. 

Note for pre-med students

Pre-med students meet for academic advising per the above table.  For pre-med specific questions and guidance,  your contact is Dr. Kari van Zee (; 541-737-1773) who Premed students should also take BI 109:  Health Professions-Medical offered each spring and use the resources hosted on the College of Science Health Professions website