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Portrait photo of Michael Freitag
Faculty and Staff

Michael Freitag Awarded University Distinguished Professor

Congratulations Michael Freitag, University Distinguished Professor!

Andres Cardenas standing in front of a white backdrop.
Alumni and Friends

Rising environmental health scientist receives Young Alumni Award

Andres Cardenas (B.S. 10), a trailblazer in devising epidemiological and molecular approaches to understand how environmental exposures affect disease, has received the 2020 Young Alumni Award from the College of Science.

Corals along seafloor in Lizard Island.

Scientists awarded grant to investigate how microbiomes can help species withstand climate change

A pivotal National Science Foundation award will enable Oregon State scientists to investigate how microbes influence their wildlife host’s sensitivity and resilience to disruptive changes in the natural environment.

Bo Sun working in physics lab with student
Faculty and Staff

Scientists garner innovation awards for cancer and materials research

The Science Research and Innovation Seed awards were given to four multidisciplinary research teams working on cancer diagnostics and materials science.

desert hill with clear sky

150 years of science for land and sun

Science programs have guided the evolution of research and education at OSU since its 1868 land grant designation.

microscopic picture of green Eukaryotes
Biochemistry & Biophysics

Biophysicist solves molecular motor mystery

Biophysicists discover a motor protein that expands understanding of the evolution and design principle of motor proteins.

150 years of science title overlaying Northern lights and lake

The significance of OSU's sea-, space-, sun- and land-grant designations

Oregon State University is one of only two universities in the country with Land-, Sea-, Space- and Sun-Grant designations.

Ryan Mehl and Robert J Blizzard standing in front of white board in suits
Biomedical Science

New technology for attaching proteins offers many life-changing applications

Since the mid-1990s, biochemistry professor Ryan Mehl has been working to find the perfect chemical reaction for attaching proteins to just about anything. And now his persistence is finally paying off.

lab equipment sitting on lab table
Alumni and Friends

A zeal for research

Although she describes herself as “an unlikely science student,” Biochemistry and Biophysics senior Lindsay Winkenbach can’t think of anything better than continuing her voyage of scientific adventure and discovery after graduation.

steelhead trout swimming through shallow creek
Biomedical Science

Discover: Research Highlights

New insect species, breakthrough in ALS research, big ideas in ocean protection and more...

Rebecca Terry sitting in office space in front of map
Biochemistry & Biophysics

Discover: Research Highlights

The College of Science has an extensive research portfolio that is globally recognized, providing our students enriching and life-changing experiences.

white lab rat sitting in front of white backdrop


The College of Science has an extensive and deep research portfolio that is globally recognized.